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Decide Now by LJay Mitchell

We all want to live the Good Life. So, if we work hard enough, play hard enough and make enough money we will be happy, right? Guess what; that’s a lie. In this groundbreaking book L. Jay Mitchell invites us to trade in the so-called Good Life for the Best Life and find true fulfillment by examining and discovering the power to change who we are.

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“This book is about the Best Life…which is freedom from hatred, jealousy, envy, revenge, or obsession. Instead, we are free to have compassion, empathy, integrity, courage, and forgiveness in our relationships. That is the heart of virtue.”

Through immersive stories and intriguing dialogue, the author leads us on an exploration of the idea that our understanding of the world, the future and, most importantly, ourselves is the key to creating the freedom to live the Best Life.

Meaning is the hallmark of a fulfilled and worthwhile life. Many have found through sad experience that, accolades and honors, degrees and accomplishments, and money and objects, don’t yield fulfillment. Fulfillment comes through living a life of substance and meaning.

“Quality relationships, character- building experiences, and charitable love, are filling and fulfilling. These substantive pursuits are meaning-filled. The pursuits of the Good Life are almost meaningless. The less meaning we have to live for, the less reason we have to live. The richer our life purpose, the deeper our passion will be to live and thrive. Virtuous purpose and meaning is the fuel of life’s higher passions.”

This book is about the power of knowing ourselves. It is about the power of relationship, both with ourselves and with others. It is about choosing who we will be and how that empowers choice. Be forewarned: this book can change lives.