LJ1A dynamic group presenter and guest speaker, L. Jay Mitchell specializes in working with individuals and small groups interested in creative problem solving and overcoming obstacles to realizing the greatest happiness and contentment. He will help you build beyond the good life: he will help you build the Best Life.

What I Can Do For You

If you are serious about developing your “self” and your “relationships” to have more success in life, I can help you. Working together we can unlock your potential for success to live the fulfilled life you really want. This means developing the best “You”. Developing the “Best You” includes your self-concept, personality, knowledge base, skill sets, and quality of your relationships. I will help you with the “Hard Stuff” as well as the “Soft Stuff”. The Hard Stuff includes removing personal barriers and obstacles that limit your motivation or sabotage your best efforts. These barriers are “tough” because they function unconsciously. They can limit any and all of your life pursuits. We will work to remove these barriers and replace them with what works for you. Doing so eliminates emotional pain and rejuvenates energy. The Soft Stuff includes developing skills and attributes like: building quality interpersonal and intrapersonal (parts within yourself) relationships, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, negotiations between conscious and unconscious parts of yourself, clarifying life purpose, managing expectations, and strategic and tactical planning.

How Will I Do It?

We will need a congenial, working relationship. That may be in a workshop, seminar, webinar, or a one-on-one collaboration. Our interactions will include pragmatic applications of knowledge from neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and education. We will not just discuss and learn new ideas. We will apply them in various exercises and experiences. I will use many of the strategies in the “change model” I helped develop called Applied Relationality. You will be encouraged to hear and see ideas, experience them, facilitate them, and in some cases to teach them to others. I will open up communication and cooperation between your conscious and unconscious thinking.

Why Me?

Not everyone is a good fit for you. I love to have fun and receive a lot of joy in seeing people grow and change. However, I know it takes commitment and work. My assistance attracts persons seriously motivated to improve and who will follow through. I thrive working with people who are committed to themselves and a better life. I have worked hard to learn and do what I do. I want to maximize results from my efforts. That means a committed relationship between you and me to do our best. We need an equally committed partnership. I have been doing this work for over 30 years. During that time I have developed and directed residential schools/programs with over 10,000 graduates from all 50 states and 23 foreign countries. I have developed my critical thinking and advocacy skills as a lawyer. I am a certified Master in Neurolinguistics through Robert Dilts as well as graduating from his Trainer’s Training Program. I helped pioneer the field of “Wilderness Therapy” by developing The SUWS Adolescent Program in 1982. To complete this skill set I added a certification in Brain Spotting, a practicum to integrate conscious and unconscious brain function. I have published in the field including my book, Decide Now: The Good Life or The Best Life, as well as coauthoring a chapter with Dr. Brent Slife for an American Psychological Association textbook. This work is my passion! Relationships are the key!

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